Extremely Low Loss HSD materials and processing



June 23, 2017 (Friday)




2:00-5:00 PM










●  A review of the material properties and performance characteristics that are required to achieve >56Gbps channel speeds using CCL technology.

●  A discussion of unique material grades/types that can meet or exceed predicted OEM requirement will follow. 

● The presentation will finish with a description of the equipment types and new/traditional processes that are required to successfully yield MLBs from high volume manufacturing processes. 



OEM and High End Capable Fabricators

Information of speaker:



● Mahyar Vahabzadeh, Product Manager, received a BSE degree in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University in 2000.  Prior to joining the Rogers Corporation ACS division in 2012, he spent 14 years at the Durel division of Rogers where he held roles in R&D and product marketing.  He is an inventor on several US patents in the area of inductive charge pumps and portable electronic display/keypad backlighting. Today, his focus area is managing the Rogers high speed digital circuit material product lines.












HKPCA Members - HK$370, or RMB310 per head (tax included): The fee includes handouts and refreshments. Please settle the payment before the event, or the reserved seats will be cancelled. If more than one people of the same company signed up for the training, group discount will be offered (For corporate members only):

3 to 4 persons-  HK$320 or RMB270 per head (tax included)

5 or more persons - HK$250 or RMB210 per head (tax included)

Non-members - HK$570 or RMB480 per head (tax included)

*The fee includes handouts and refreshments.



June 20th, 2017 (Tuesday)






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