HKPCA Webinar  

Advanced PCB Technologies of Wet Process for 5G Application



June 19, 2020 (Friday)


2:30-4:30 PM


Online Webinar





Target  Audience

PCB manufacturing personnel involve in technology 

Seminar Content

1)      Overview on 5G Market and Technology Drivers

2)      Low etch / Non-etch Bonding Technology for High Frequency Application

3)      Metallization Technology - Direct Metallization for Rigid-Flex Application

4)      Metallization Technology - PPR technology for Mid-Range Aspect Ratio PCB Application

5)      Final Finish Technology for High Frequency Application

Speaker Biography

Mr. Lester Huang is product specialist with MacDermid, he focuses on surface treatment technologies, including copper surface roughening and resist stripping process. He is committed to the research and application of low-roughness pre-treatment chemical for high frequency application. Since joining the company in 2005, he mainly responsibles for technology and R&D application projects, including ENIG, Ni/Pd/Au and OSP, and dealing with the process of black-browning, micro-coarsing, coarsening and film-coarsing before pressing.


Mr. Albert Tseng is the product manager and mainly responsible for electroless copper and direct plating processes.  He has been involved in the PCB specialty chemicals industry since 1998.  He has extensive experience in the carbon/graphite based direct plating process, anylayer HDI, high-end flexible and Rigid Flex production.


Mr. Xiao Lin Wang is currently product manager for electrolytic copper plating. Mr. Wang holds a bachelor degree of Chemical Engineering and Technology in China University of Mining and Technology.  He fully engaged in new circuit board technology and product development, technology improvement and trouble shooting from 2000 to 2005. Since then, he joined the Macdermid company in 2006 and he is now responsible for technical support for new electroplating product applications.


Mr. Ju Wei is currently a surface treatment product specialist, he is responsible for the application of new surface treatment products and technology promotion. Mr. Ju was in charged of the introduction and evaluation of new equipment and new processes in PCB factory from 2000 to 2007, after that, he joined the Macdermid  company since 2007.


June  18, 2020 (Thursday)


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